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2018 NAHU Legislative Successes

Making changes to Federal legislation that affects our industry does not happen by accident.  These changes are made possible by a dedicated legislative affairs team at NAHU in Washington D.C. and the more than 750 members that attend the Capital Conference and meet with lawmakers about issues that affect our industry.

National Association of Health Underwriters had a number of successes last year and was able to accomplish important progress on issues important to members:

We were successful in getting an additional two –year delay (until 2022) in the Cadillac/excise tax, as well as an introduction of legislation on a full repeal bill for 2019

We were successful in getting a one-year delay in the HIT tax

We were successful in getting 10 years of funding for the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)

We were successful in re-introducing legislation to remove agent compensation from the MLR calculation

We lobbied for and were successful in preserving the employer exclusion and preventing any cap or repeal of the employer exclusion from being included in health reform legislation, end-of-year tax reform and any of the 2018 continuing resolutions

We were successful in getting bipartisan bills introduced to address Medicare issues with observations stays.

We were successful in getting the “40 Hours as Full Time Act” introduced, which would change the definition of full-time employee from 30 hours to 40 hours per week under the ACA.

We were successful in introducing legislation to allow COBRA to be creditable coverage for Medicare beneficiaries

We were successful in passing legislation to restore the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, allow Medicare Advantage enrollees to make a one-time plan change in the first 90 days of the year

We were successful in lifting the restrictions on FSA’s so consumers can now roll over unused funds into the next year.

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