Member Benefits

SMAHU Membership instantly adds credibility and differentiates you from other health insurance professionals.  It provides you access to resources and tools to assist in obtaining and retaining your valuable clients. 

Take a look at your schedule. How often can you take time off from your work schedule to lobby for or against pending legislation?   Who IS there standing up for your occupation, your income and your livelihood in your absence?  SMAHU conducts advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government to advance the interests of health insurance professionals and to promote affordable and responsible private health insurance market solutions

As members of an increasingly threatened and little understood vocation, it is now more important than ever for health insurance professionals to band together for maximum impact. As a SMAHU member, you ally yourself with the best the industry has to offer. NAHU members include not only the top health insurance professionals, but also the most respected. Likewise, membership guarantees you access to the best resources available to health insurance professionals.